Winter’s Embrace

By Pepe Manunulay

In winter’s chill, a wonderland unfolds,
A snowy landscape, glistening and bold.
The earth is blanketed in icy lace,
A serene scene of nature’s grace.

The air is crisp, with a biting nip,
And breaths are misty with each sip.
Trees stand tall, adorned in white,
Their branches twinkling in the moonlight.

The sky is painted in shades of blue,
With stars that sparkle like diamonds too.
As nightfall comes, a blanket of stars,
A celestial canopy that mesmerizes from afar.

The ground is frozen, a glittering sight,
As frosty crystals reflect the light.
Footprints crunch on the icy ground,
As winter’s magic is all around.

Children play in the snow with glee,
Building snowmen, laughter free.
Their rosy cheeks and joyful smiles,
Make winter’s cold seem worthwhile.

The lakes and rivers, frozen in time,
With a glimmering surface so sublime.
Skaters glide, hand in hand,
Creating memories, grand and grand.

The warmth of home beckons near,
With crackling fires and holiday cheer.
Cozy blankets, hot cocoa in hand,
As winter’s beauty spreads its magic land.

But winter is not just about the cold,
It’s a season of introspection, we’re told.
A time for reflection and quietude,
A season for inner warmth to exude.

It’s a time for love and cherished embrace,
In winter’s cold, hearts find their place.
Hand in hand, souls entwined,
With winter’s beauty, hearts are aligned.

So let us revel in winter’s embrace,
And find solace in its serene grace.
For in its stillness, there’s beauty untold,
A season of wonder, a treasure to behold.

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